She Blows A Guy And Ejaculates Her Big Mouth

She Blows A Guy And Ejaculates Her Big Mouth

Stardate 85844.9. Somewhere in the Delta quadrant. A wave of nausea swept over Captain F for Fiona Ukkers as she gradually emerged from space hibernation. Trying to prevent vomiting only made the feeling worse and, although a descendant of a long line of Amazons, she gagged. Then, despite the disorientation of hibernation sickness, training kicked in."Stardate SLUTS?" she demanded, loathing the faint tremor in her voice.The interstellar logistical utility telemetry system — an integrated computer programme — answered her inquiry the only way it could, non-committal, and was rewarded with a few terse expletives, mostly concerning its cognitive abilities.Another wave of nausea followed, and Fiona knew she needed to calm down. Bawling out the ship's computer for what it was programmed to do, wouldn't help, and of all the people on the craft, Captain F. Ukkers knew space travel was a bitch. Luckily, SLUTS popped open the cryostasis chamber so that she could lean over the side and vomit if need be.The icy cold air of the slumbering space cruiser whirled around her semi-naked body. Her nipples instantly responded to the change in temperature, becoming visible within her thin halter top. Loud groans and curses filled the hibernation quarters, signalling her crew's awakening and giving Fiona a reason to smile. Finally, unable to delay the inevitable any further, she swung long legs out of the chamber and set bare feet onto the cold hard floor."For fuck sake, SLUTS, how about some heating in here before we all die of hypothermia?"o0oSpace engineer Ivanä Gobbledick emerged from her sonic shower feeling refreshed and vibrant. Looking in the mirror, she liked what she saw. Despite six months in a cryostasis chamber, her body hadn't suffered that much. She'd lost a few pounds, but the overall effect was rather satisfying. Gently caressing her full breasts, Ivanä's nipples hardened, and she felt a familiar tingle between her thighs. As if guided by an unseen being, the young engineer's hand descended her flat belly, her fingers tracing the outlines of her landing strip, before resting on her freshly-waxed sex.The tingling down there grew as she parted her labia in search of her moist entrance. She spread her stance and bit her bottom lip as liquid arousal coated her fingertips. Sex was what she missed most when she went into space, although this was her first deep-space mission. The challenge and opportunities were numerous, but she hated the amount of time spent in those damned hibernation chambers. She closed her eyes and pressed harder, fingers disappearing into her wet heat.Suddenly, something hard and sharp whipped across her pert buttocks, prompting a high-pitched scream while a large wound immediately appeared. Begrudging the brutal interruption into her much-needed stress relief, Ivanä glared over her shoulder at Fai Kyu, the first officer and her immediate superior. She was naked, water droplets glistening on her almond skin, a towel ready to inflict more pain. Grinning, she raised her eyebrows threateningly."Come on, Toots. There's no time for that; the Captain is waiting for us."Ivanä reached behind and felt the developing welt. "You fucking cow, that hurt," she said, massaging the fiery wound.Fai walked towards her victim. "Oh, stop your moaning, Toots. You like it rough, at least that's the word back in the Alpha quadrant." Ivanä tried looking innocent but failed.Fai continued moving closer to the younger woman and finally stood behind the attractive engineer. "You're not the only one with needs." She reached around to cup Ivanä's breasts and heard a soft gasp as she pinched and twirled the erect nipples between her fingers.Not wanting to be entirely passive, Ivanä resumed her self exploration and reached between their bodies to feel Fai's smooth, hairless mound. Tracing the length of the soft opening, she teased Fai as punishment for the whipping until the older woman whispered crude instructions into her ear. More sighs filled the cabin as Ivanä deftly plunged fingers into the receptive wetness. Not to be outdone, the first officer covered the hand between the young engineer's thighs and applied pressure.As if by telepathy, Ivanä twisted her neck while Fai leaned forward and their lips met. As they explored each other, a loud buzzer sounded. "Will you two get your lazy good-for-nothing backsides here on the bridge, right now?"Like that's going to happen, they thought, sinking to the floor. Without speaking, Ivanä and Fai decided Captain Ukkers would wait — she'd have to — and they continued caressing, wondering who'd be the first to climax.o0oHalf an hour later, Captain F. Ukkers watched the two officers enter the bridge. Noticing the serene expressions on their faces, a wave of jealousy coursed through the older woman's body. She knew it was as irrational as it was unfair. Before her promotion, she'd been one of them, joyfully engaging in post-hibernation sex with fellow crew members. She even remembered laughing when the old hag captaining her first voyage summoned the ship's officers to the bridge while the senior navigator ran her tongue over Fiona's clit.Those were the days, she thought, wistfully noting how relaxed Ivanä and Fai looked. Even the enlisted crew members looked fresh-eyed and bushy-tailed — entirely at odds with how she felt. Her sexual tension, built up during the long sleep, hadn't abated despite abusing the massive dildos she'd stored in her room before leaving Uranus station. Masturbation was okay when you didn't have a choice, but Fiona missed the heat of another woman's body.'Still, the day has only just begun,' she mused, pondering what the universe had in store that day. And her crew looked good in their flight suits. The loose, almost baggy outfits somehow clung to all the crucial bits, accentuating not only their curves but also their well-trained bodies. With visible tight camel toes, breasts bobbing within the soft, smooth fabric, it didn't take much creativity for Captain F. Ukkers to imagine how her officers looked naked.Feeling her lust rising again, Fiona promised herself that, before the next Stardate, she would have them. Decision made, she took a deep breath and turned to business."Number One, lower the shield, let's take a look at the surrounding area. Maybe we'll find out why we're floating around in no man's land."Fai Kyu pressed buttons on her console, and a panoramic view of the universe appeared in front of them. The screen functioned both as a window and digital display for the ship's computer system."Ivanä, SLUTS interrupted our journey because long-range scanners picked up an unusual anomaly. Can you elaborate?""I can try, Ma'am."The young officer moved to her station and quietly urged the computer programme to play ball while she typed in her commands. The Captain and Fai Kyu waited patiently, studying the breathtaking vista."Sure is beautiful," Fai Kyu said. She watched Fiona glance at Ivanä."You're not wrong," said the Captain, the ambiguity not lost on the first officer. "How was she?" Fiona smiled at her subordinate.The first officer said nothing."Well, at least you've got the good grace to blush after keeping me waiting here on the bridge... alone.""Sorry Ma'am," Fai said, not really apologising. "But, when I saw her fingering herself, I couldn't help myself. And, to answer your question, she's divine.""Good, I will enjoy getting to know her, Fai, just as I will enjoy renewing our acquaintance, Number One." Fiona smiled at her first officer."Yes, Ma'am," answered Fai Kye, the sparkle in her eyes not lost on Fiona."Yesss," hissed Ivanä from behind her station. "I've got it." Her animated face appeared above the console, and she immediately regretted her outburst. Not only were the Captain and first officer looking at her, but the rest of the bridge's complement as well. Then, shrugging her shoulders, she informed the Captain that the anomaly should be on the screen.Af first, nothing happened, much to the embarrassment of Ivanä and the irritation of Fiona. The Captain was about to let her young engineer know she wasn't impressed when a small dot blinked in the middle of the screen."Is that it?"Ivanä looked crestfallen at her Captain's outburst. "Yes, Ma'am, but we're more than a million miles away. What you're seeing is the peak of optical technology.""Hmmm, very impressive." Fiona's tone dripped with sarcasm."I'm sorry, Captain… I don't know what it is yet.""SLUTS, zoom in please.""Unable to comply," came the disembodied response.Fiona's head drooped. She wanted to know whether it was worth the time and trouble to investigate this strange anomaly or if they should resume the journey to guard the border between the Delta and Gamma quadrants."Besides the fact that this thing is more than a day's travel on full impulse, and not visible on our screen, can anyone provide me with some more information."The silence was deafening."SLUTS?""Unable to comply.""M... Ma'am.""Yes, Ivanä.""I've been studying the data. If I'm not mistaken, this thing is definitely from the Alpha quadrant. The readings indicate alloys that were abundant on Twenty-first century Earth. If the data is correct, it could be some sort of spacecraft, but if that's the case, then it's more than five hundred years old and...""And what?" demanded Fiona.Like a frightened animal caught in oncoming headlights, Ivanä stared at her superior and swallowed. "Although I've double-checked SLUTS systems, and they all appear to be functioning within her normal parameters, I'm still not one-hundred per cent confident of what I'm about to say...""Spit it out, Ivanä.""Err... Yes, yes, Ma'am — I think I know why SLUTS dropped us out of Hyperdrive. It looks as though the anomaly is emitting some sort of distress signal. It's faint but definable and one that SLUTS is programmed to respond to." The young engineer took a quick breath. "Maybe there's a living being on that ship. I know it's impossible, but that's what the data implies."Ivanä saw her superior's raised eyebrow and gulped. Then she tried saving her ass. "I think... well, what I'm trying to say, Ma'am, the only way to verify the signal is to get closer." She gulped again. "But, of course, that's your decision, Captain... Ma'am."A grunt unnerved Ivanä. Even more now, she regretted speaking out of turn. Time seemed to stand still as the crew awaited their Captain's orders."Number One, full impulse," F. Ukkers pointed at the display, "towards whatever that thing is. And Ivanä…" The engineer stood to attention, waiting for the reprimand. "Good work. I encourage my officers to speak their minds. I don't want ass-kissers here unless, of course, I actually want my ass kissed." Fiona was pleased when the young woman's eyes opened wide. "So, keep up the good work.""Th... Thank you, Captain.""Don't thank me yet, grease monkey. Data is not the only thing you're going to have to 'analyse' to earn your stripes." Fiona cocked an eyebrow and was happy when Ivanä blushed.o0oCaptain's Log, Stardate 85845.1Last night, after a long day checking all the necessary flight systems, my crew joined me for dinner. Both first officer Fai Kyu and engineer Ivanä Gobbledick proved to be excellent company. Of course, I've known Fai for years, and she knows how to please me. But Ivanä was a real revelation. Considering this is her first deep-space mission, she's taking to it like a duck to water. It's been a long time since a newcomer has made such an impression on me. She's an asset to the Military Intergalactic Ladies Federation. Not only is she knowledgeable, but after seeing her in action last night, one could easily mistake her for one of those women on Alpha Centuria. Besides knowing how to use her body, there wasn't anything she wouldn't do to please the senior officers present. My God, it's been a long time since anyone used their tongue on me like she did last night. I can't remember the last time I experienced so many orgasms in one evening. If this is a taste of things to come, then this is going to be one very happy spaceship. On a more serious note, we should reach the unidentified object tomorrow. Everyone needs to be focused and alert for signs of danger. This situation could be a trap, and we'll be taking all the necessary precautions to keep ourselves out of harm's way.o0o"Ma'am, it's a spacecraft. It's called the USS Invincible. I've searched SLUTS' data banks, but there is no record of anything that closely resembles something this old. However, a quick scan of the alloys confirms that the craft predates our existing records by at least five hundred years." Ivanä glanced up from her console and saw the Captain's raised eyebrow. "And that they originate from the Alpha quadrant.""On screen."The outer shields opened to the heavens, and along with a breathtaking view, an inert vessel appeared on-screen. The craft wasn't massive, probably not a deep space explorer, Fiona thought. "One would expect something more substantial with a name like HSS Invincible," she muttered watching the decrepit object floating a thousand kilometres in front of her cruiser.Vaguely disappointed, she wondered if she'd made the right decision. Communications with MILF had taken longer than she'd anticipated and she still hadn't received confirmation of her intentions. This decision was very much on her own back."Captain, SLUTS has scanned the vessel and has detected signs of an organic life form. Very faint, but still alive.""Number One?""I concur with Ivanä, Captain.""Can you isolate it, grease monkey?" Fiona fixed her gaze on the screen."Yes, Ma'am, it looks like it's coming from a cryostasis chamber buried deep within the ship's hold.""Fai, can we transport the occupant of the cryostasis chamber to the sickbay?""No, Captain. But we can transport the complete unit to Medical if you want.""Good. Do it. One, use the tractor beam and dock that ship into the hanger. And go to yellow alert. Until we know what we're dealing with, I need everyone to be alert. We'll keep a level four biocontainment field around the ship and the cryostasis chamber. We don't want to take any chances."Fiona felt a surge of pride as the enlisted crew members followed her orders with the practical purpose she'd come to expect."Right, Number One, let's get down to the sickbay. Ivanä, join us, please."o0oThe holographic medical officer strode casually into the biological seclusion zone, the force field exerting no physical effect on her photonic being. She held her diagnostic scanner at the ready.Despite her gut feeling that the danger wasn't acute, Fiona took all the necessary precautions to protect her crew. That's why she'd chosen the one 'person' who could examine the alien cryostasis chamber without being in any physical danger. If it was a trap, the holographic medical officer could take care of itself while Fai and Ivanä, armed with laser weapons, would protect her and themselves from whatever was inside that thing.The doctor knelt besides blinking lights, pointed her scanner at them, then brushed away some of the encrusted space filth."Captain, this looks like the control panel. I'm downloading the all computer records for SLUTS to analyse," said the hologram in its clipped efficient manner. It irritated the hell out of Captain F. Ukkers.Reviewing the data as it appeared on screen, Fiona frowned. "This can't be true," she muttered, raising her gaze to the hologram. "Can it?"The medical officer shrugged its shoulders. "I ordered SLUTS to double-check, but the result is the same. There is something in that chamber. It's humanoid, and the DNA patterns are almost identical to yours, Captain. However, the data stream is damaged, and I can't tell if it's dead or alive at the moment. Considering it has been floating around in space for God knows how long, I seriously doubt if anyone could survive that long in hibernation. However, that's speculation. Do you want me to continue?"Despite the hologram's attractive appearance, deliberately incorporated to make her interactions with real-life patients seem less mechanical, its programmed indifference irritated the Captain. Clearly, the hologram thought this whole situation was a waste of its time and Fiona, having difficulty containing her composure, had to restrain herself from lashing out. Taking a deep breath, she watched the medical officer continue her investigation."SLUTS, commence deactivation sequence of the alien cryostasis chamber." The hologram turned to Fai Kyu. "Be ready to transport the alien to the treatment table, Number One."Within seconds of SLUTS starting the proceedings, a faint glow appeared inside the pod. Again the medical officer wiped away centuries of space crap to reveal a glass panel. Ice particles made the glass mosaic, and she couldn't see who was occupying the chamber."Captain, the core temperature of this alien cryostasis pod needs to reach normal parameters before I can open it. I don't know how long that will take. If you have something more important to do, I will inform you of its progress."Fiona nodded and demanded from SLUTS how long the procedure would take. "Five minutes, Captain," replied the ship's computer."I'll wait, Doctor.""Ma'am." Ivanä was concentrating on the computer panel in front of her. "If I'm reading this correctly, the occupant of the cryostasis chamber is not dead."Three pairs of eyebrows rose in unison."In fact, if I'm not mistaken, the occupant is very much alive, Captain," she continued, unperturbed by the unease her statement caused her superior officer."What? That's impossible. We've —""Ivanä is correct," interrupted the medical holograph. "The data doesn't lie. The scanned DNA is human. Almost one-hundred per cent comparability with your own."The holograph's tone suggested humans were far inferior to her and the inference visibly angered the Captain. Fiona Ukkers stared at the terminal, her mind in turmoil. Everything she'd learned and everything thing she believed, from the moment she'd started school until being given command of MILF's newest space cruiser, was being contradicted by the data. 'This couldn't be,' she thought, but there it was.Fiona took her last option. "SLUTS, are Ivanä and the medical officer correct?""Affirmative.""Ma'am," began Ivanä, "I think —""What the fuck is going on here?" yelled her superior as the cryostasis chamber started filling the bio detention area with smoke and flames. Despite being contained within the biological seclusion zone, alarms and flashing red lights filled the ship as Fiona glared at her two crew members."Ma'am, the cryostasis chamber is destroying itself," exclaimed Ivanä. "It looks like this ancient technology has short-circuited. Ma'am, the occupant's life is in danger.""Can you do something, grease monkey?" Fiona punched commands into the terminal beside her to extinguish the fire, but she was too late. Before SLUTS had the chance to react, the cryostasis chamber imploded, dousing the flames and destroying the hibernation pod. Luckily, the bio force field contained the effects of the implosion, and no-one was injured. It took a second before the environmental system removed the smoke. It was then they saw the hologram staring wide-eyed at what used to be the cryostasis chamber.Captain F. Ukkers's first emotion was relief that nobody was hurt and that the ship's systems were not damaged. Then came disappointment. They'd wasted more than a day's travel to retrieve this thing, and now it was gone. She hung her head, shoulders sagging. She would have to explain to the old hags at M
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ILF headquarters why she'd deviated from her mission. And all she had to show for it was this smouldering piece of antiquated space junk, polluting her sickbay."Ivanä.""Yes, Ma'am?""Transport that mess out of here, please.""Captain." Ignoring Fiona's murderous glance, Fai Kyu said, "Look."Looking to where Fai pointed, the Captain's jaw dropped. Motionless on the treatment table was a naked form unlike any she'd ever seen."I managed to transport the occupant from the pod just before it destroyed itself. I couldn't say anything because I was busy configuring SLUTS to replicate the same environment around the table as was inside the cryostasis chamber. If I'm reading this correctly, whatever it is, it's alive.""Doctor, can you confirm Number One's statement."Brushing dust from its uniform, the medical hologram walked towards the treatment table to obey her Captain's orders. Seconds later, it pushed a hand through the temporary force field surrounding the table and ran the diagnostic tracer along the length of the dormant figure."It appears you should commend Fai Kyu, Captain. The occupant seems to be alive and — as far as I can tell without a detailed examination — is in deep hibernation.""Can we wake it up."All the crew had briefly studied the strange being. Fiona couldn't speak for the others, but the dark ebony skin fascinated her, as did the large appendage between its legs. If everything she'd heard in the last few minutes was correct, she and her crew were closely related to this thing. But it was unlike anything she'd previously encountered."Almost certainly, Captain," replied the medical officer, "if you give me the time. Right now, I need a few hours of peace and quiet so I can thoroughly investigate what we have here —"Before she could finish preaching, the hologram saw the Captain moving towards the sickbay door. "Ivanä, Fai… we're going to take a look in that wreck while the doctor works her magic." Then she faced the hologram. "Don't forget to let me know when you've got something to report, doctor," she said and left, grinning. Despite all the technological advances her species had made, the holograms, the incredibly life-like androids, no-one understood sarcasm like real flesh and blood humans.o0o"Captain, I think I've found something. It's some sort of data reviewer like we use, only more primitive." Fai Kyu walked across the main living area of the USS Invincible to where Fiona and Ivanä were studying one of the defunct control panels. She handed over a rectangular screen with Samsung etched along one edge."Does it function?" Fiona asked, her brow creased. "Because, if it works, it's the only thing we've found so far that does."After SLUTS had assured the Captain that the ancient spacecraft presented no danger, the crew had transported aboard because they couldn't find the entrance. Inside the ship, things weren't much better. Centuries of dust covered everything, frozen in place by the inhospitable climate of space, and nothing seemed to function. Handheld torches provided illumination and, after a brief survey of the basic but functional flight deck, the three Amazonians ventured into the main living quarters. In there, things weren't much better."I found it lying on what appeared to be a bed. It was attached to a cable, but as soon as I picked it up, it dislodged itself and came away in my hand. Maybe we can use SLUTS' diagnostic program to discern how to operate this thing.""Good idea, Number One. Let's get right to it. I don't think we'll accomplish much more here, not until we figure out a way of powering up these systems. We'll probably need the vessels pilot for that if he's survived." Fiona's brow creased again as she looked around the darkened spacecraft. "On first inspection, this craft looks like it might be fun to fly." She traced a finger across a table covered in dust. "It would be nice to see if we can get it back in working order. However, if what happened to the cryostasis chamber is anything to go by, then it's not very reassuring."o0o"According to that contraption, the USS Invincible began its voyage in twenty-seventy-five after leaving Saturnus Prime. If this is true, then we have in our possession something that predates all our records, and brings into question the very foundations of our civilisation, Captain."Fiona acknowledged the engineer's statement with a curt nod."In fact," continued the young woman, "this predates anything and everything we learned from the great priestesses of Amazonia. This spacecraft could be an amazing discovery, Ma'am."Ivanä's enthusiasm was understandable, and Fiona was pleased the young engineer had the Samsung device functioning."Have you found anything else on that thing, grease monkey?"Ivanä blushed. "Yes, Ma'am, I have. It involves the occupant in the sickbay.""Oh, how?"The younger woman's cheeks grew more crimson as she pressed fingers against the screen. When it had brightened, she handed the device to her Captain. "There you go, Ma'am," she said and took a step back. Ivanä watched her commander while the latter's eyes remained glued to the portable screen.During the last couple of hours, she and Fai Kyu had learned a lot about the ancient spacecraft and the occupant of the defunct cryostasis chamber. When they'd gained access to the Samsung device, they found out it was a complete data storage with touchscreen access. Although outdated, the technology was impressive, not least because it was still working.The engineers who designed and manufactured the Samsung storage device, certainly knew what they were doing. There were at least ten zettabytes of data stored in its memory banks, everything from the recipe for mac and cheese, to the documented history of the planet earth and its inhabitants. And she hadn't even commented about the personal files from the dormant occupant.Watching her superior, Ivanä saw the Captain's cheeks turn red and her eyebrows moving up and down as she stared at the screen."According to the data, our 'Sleeping Beauty' is known as Commander Mike Hunt, aka 'The Python', which was a nickname acquired during flight school. As you can see, his files are very revealing. The commander definitely liked the female species.""Females?" The Captain's question surprised Ivanä."Yes, Ma'am, that's what the earth's previous inhabitants used to call us Amazonians. Our occupant was known as a man.""Well, they certainly seem to be enjoying themselves with him," Fiona said above the sound of erotic moans coming from the device. "What are they doing?""According to some of the things we found out —""We?"Ivanä gulped. "Yes, Ma'am. Fai helped me decipher the computer coding," she admitted, her eyes glistening."So, she's seen this as well?""Yes, Ma'am," replied Ivanä and grinned."Where is she now? Come on, grease monkey, tell me," ordered Captain F. Ukkers, using her formal tone."She, hmm —"Ivanä suddenly stood to attention as she realised the Captain was watching her closely. "Well, Ma'am, after we downloaded some of Mike Hunt's personal files into SLUTS, first officer Kyu said she needed to retire to our cabin for... well, for private issues.""Private issues, my ass," scoffed Fiona. "If she watched this, I'm guessing she got all hot and bothered and wants to relieve the itch between her legs. I know I would."Not knowing how to respond to her Captain's honesty, Ivanä tried not to gaze at the little bumps appearing in Fiona's flight suit. She kept her lips clasped together."Don't worry, grease monkey, I've known Fai Kyu since MILF academy, and as you may have gathered yesterday evening, we don't have many secrets."The vivid memory of her senior officers scissoring each other wasn't one Ivanä would quickly forget.Captain F. Ukkers abruptly stood and announced she wanted to see how Commander Mike Hunt was doing. Seemingly as an afterthought, she ordered Ivanä to accompany her.o0oThe medical hologram looked up at the sound of the sickbay door opening. She was performing another routine check on the unexpected guest on the treatment table and was surprised to see the ship's Captain and engineer enter her domain."Excuse me, Captain, I wasn't expecting you," she began but was immediately cut off by the commanding officer."How is the patient doing, Doctor?""Alive, and in perfect medical condition, considering he's been in hibernation for some time. He regained consciousness, but I put him back to sleep so, one, he could recover from his ordeal, and, two, I assumed you'd want to be present when I woke him. Why do you ask?""Good." Fiona ignored the question. "There are some things, "she said, glancing at the appendage hanging limply between his legs, "that Ivanä and I want to —"She paused as the recent images she'd seen flashed into her consciousness. "Want to examine while...""I'm sorry, Captain, but I can't allow that," the doctor began, standing straight. "It would be unethica—""SLUTS, deactivate the holographic medical officer on my authority. On no account reactivate her until further notice.""Yes, Captain."The hologram, still in mid-sentence, disappeared."That's that bloody busybody taken care of," Fiona announced with satisfaction." Now, let's see if we can wake Sleeping Beauty here."They moved to opposite sides of the bed."So, what do we call this thing, grease monkey?" Impressed with the circumference, Fiona entwined her fingers around the soft, pliable manhood."According to this, Ma'am," answered Ivanä, consulting the Samsung data appliance, "that is called a penis. But there are lots of other names assigned to it: cock, dick, prick, phallus, schlong, and one of my favourites, probably because I'm an engineer, tool.""Well, whatever you want to call it, this thing doesn't look anything like what we saw earlier in my quarters," said Fiona, wondering if what she'd seen could have been faked. Disappointed, she waggled the limp penis. "This should be an enormous, rock-hard shaft, not this… this useless thing.""Hang on, Captain, I'm reading something here. It's an article about masturbation. That's what these ancients called the manipulation of the male penis with a hand, and it explains how one should do it, although I'm not sure what an erection is." A crease furrowed Ivanä's brow. "Ah, here it is," she exclaimed, sliding her finger slowly up the screen.Fiona saw the younger women's eyes flickering rapidly as she tried taking in all the information. "Aaah, so that's what an erection is. Right, Captain, according to this, one has to rub it and pull it, and it will begin to grow automatically. Here, like this." The younger woman turned the screen toward her Captain.Immediately, Fiona followed the instructions, and she was amazed to feel the supple flesh grow harder and thicker."My God," exclaimed Ivanä, holding a hand in front of her mouth. The circumference of the patient's ebony shaft had grown to the same proportions as her wrist. And its length was almost as long as her forearm."Yes, quite impressive isn't, grease monkey?" said Fiona slowly moving her hand up and down the erection. "Now that's worthy of being called a tool," she carried on breathlessly.More surprisingly to her, was the effect of what she was doing, was having on her. There was a hot moistness between her legs and, without looking down at her chest, Fiona knew her arousal was rapidly becoming visible.Ivanä, seeing how much the Captain's nipples distorted her flight suit, diplomatically decided to say nothing. Instead, she attempted to scroll through the useful information on the Samsung device, despite struggling to repress her arousal. That wasn't easy to do with all she was witnessing. Then a short but exciting paragraph piqued her curiosity. Without stopping to think, Ivanä asked Fiona if she could try something.Although reluctant to let go, Fiona smiled generously before releasing her grip and taking a step back. "Be my guest, Ivanä. What have you learned that's so interesting. Oh, never mind, just give that thing to me, and I will see for myself."The engineer handed over the device before wrapping her deft fingers around the big black cock. "Oh, it's warm, and soft, but hard and rigid at the same time," she exclaimed, giggling.Fiona nodded. "Can you feel those veins pulsing beneath the smooth skin?"Ivanä leaned forward and released a generous glob of saliva onto the erection. Satisfied, she slid her hands up the thick shaft smearing it along the entire length. Mike Hunt's fully grown appendage was so big there wasn't enough liquid to go around. So, twice more, Fiona watched her junior officer spit onto the patient's manhood. Both women noticed how much easier the young engineer's hands moved up and down the smooth shaft and Captain F. Ukkers giggled like a drunken schoolgirl. "Trust a grease monkey to add some lubrication. Mind you; it does make things easier," she continued, putting a hand on the top half of the erection.She pulled at the foreskin and didn't stop until the dark purple helmet was exposed. No-one was more surprised than Fiona when a drop of clear liquid oozed from the tiny slit on top. Using her thumb, she liked how the fluid polished the spongy dome."That's called pre-cum," Ivanä announced proudly. "It's supposed to taste salty, according to what I read.""Yes, I was just reading that," replied Fiona, putting her thumb between her lips. "It's not lying," she said, smacking her lips. "Hmmm, I could get used to that. Here try some."After running her thumb over the glistening dome, she watched the young engineer's lips sensually engulf the proffered digit."If I'm reading this right, they used to do something called fellatio, which looks a lot like what you're doing, except my thumb should be replaced by that erection." Captain F. Ukkers turned the screen to show Ivanä. "And, if this image is anything to go by, then it's something men quite like.""Let's find out," Ivanä said, licking her lips and bending until her mouth was only a hair's breadth above Commander Mike Hunt's erect penis. Like a rattlesnake tasting the air, Ivanä's tongue shot forward and landed precisely where Fiona's thumb had been moments earlier. With her heart beating wildly, Ivanä licked at the spongy surface, realising that if their historical data was correct, then she was probably the first Amazonian ever to do this."That's it, grease monkey, now see how much you can swallow."Although eager to obey her commanding officer, the young engineer lowered her lips gingerly around the erect manhood, surprising herself at how much the circumference stretched her mouth. When the tip bumped against the back of her throat, she still had both hands wrapped around the enormous ebony shaft. Ivanä wondered how much more she could swallow. Casting a furtive glance at her superior, she saw Fiona studying both the data screen and her subordinate."This Amazonian managed to swallow all of the erection," Fiona stated, turning the screen towards Ivanä. Before the younger woman could react, her commanding officer slid her finger across the screen, bringing the previous image into view. "See, there it was in all its glory… and there it's completely disappeared."Ivanä knew when a gauntlet was being thrown and happily accepted the challenge. Closing her eyes, the engineer continued moving her lips further along the ebony flesh. It was while her tongue slid along the underside of the thick shaft that she felt it pulse. Her eyes widened in surprise, but she continued swallowing the engorged shaft. She was stunned when her lips brushed the wiry pubic hair around the base of the enormous erection. That turned to pride when she slowly raised her head and saw Fiona staring.With a mixed feeling of delight and jealousy, Ivanä's superior stared intently at the saliva-covered cock as it reappeared into view. And she was determined to show her young officer that, despite having never done anything like it before, Captain F. Ukkers wasn't one to back down from a challenge. Grinning inanely, she placed the Samsung device on the bed, and lightly tapped the back of Ivanä's head as she swallowed the fleshy shaft for a second time."My turn," Fiona commanded, the confident tone disguising the uncertainty of the task she'd set herself. She needn't have worried. She showed her subordinate that she could deep throat with the best of them and it became a game as they enthusiastically took turns sucking the big black cock.It was while Captain F. Ukkers was busily gorging herself that Ivanä, watching the remainder of the film on the data device, saw Commander Mike Hunt start to vigorously stroke his cock. Seeing Ivanä's eyebrows almost brush the ceiling, Fiona asked her engineer if there was anything wrong? The young woman simply turned the data device towards her Captain.Immediately Fiona stopped sucking. "Why's he doing that?""I don't know," said Ivanä, eyes narrowing as they both watched the video."What the fuck," Fiona exclaimed as a long rope of creamy white fluid splattered across the face of the female kneeling in front of Commander Mike Hunt."What the fuck is that?" said Fiona. "And where did it come from?"A giggle from the other side of the bed told the Captain exactly what Ivanä thought of that last question.Fiona briefly wondered if the liquid could be dangerous, but was immediately somewhat reassured when the on-screen female greedily tried to lick it up. Fiona resumed watching the young engineer's oral and manual stimulation of Mike Hunt's erection. "What are you doing, grease monkey? If you keep that up, you might —"Captain F. Ukkers was interrupted by Ivanä's Gobbledick squeal of surprise. The younger woman had been busily tugging on Commander Mike Hunt's cock and greedily sucking his balls when a huge stream spurted from his bulbous end. As if in slow motion, a thick white liquid arched through the air before the spaceship's simulated gravity caused it to splatter Ivanä's face in a long line.Then the dormant man's hips jerked and a second salvo was released. It followed the same curve, but this time Ivanä was ready for it. Opening her mouth, she stuck out her tongue and partially caught the forceful expulsion while the rest decorated her chin and cheek. Not wanting to be outdone by her subordinate, Fiona slapped Ivanä's hand away, grabbed the pulsating member and tugged the greasy shaft. Parting her lips, she leaned in and engulfed the angry coloured dome. Her reward was immediate as was her surprise at the hot thick cream filling her mouth.She took a moment to savour the flavour before swallowing. Deciding she liked the taste, Fiona continued jerking, sucking, until the last drop slowly oozed from the glistening tip. Fiona magnanimously offered this to Ivanä, who quickly pounced as if her life depended on it."Well, I think we can conclude this as a successful experiment, grease monkey." Fiona smacked her lips as the young engineer nodded agreement. "I'll summon Fai to join us in my quarters so we can study the rest of these films in private while we leave the Commander in the safe hands of the medical officer."o0oMike Hunt tried not to smile. He had no clue where he was, or how he'd gotten there, but the sight of those two women feasting on his cock wasn't something he'd forget in a hurry. Because of their dedication to the task in hand, neither had noticed he'd woken.'Just as well,' he thought as the women walked away. 'Whatever this place might be, and whoever these people are, if this is a taste of things to come, then it might be fun to stick around for a while.'With that happy thought, he drifted back to sleep. 

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