Didi Bulimar Thick Anal Fucked Porn Movies

Didi Bulimar Thick Anal Fucked Porn Movies

The sun had set as usual that day after Cal and Silvia reminisced about old times, new times, and future times. Both were exhausted and looking forward to a good night’s rest. Cal was first to bring an end to the day, slipping between the sheets shortly after the sun had sunk beneath the mountain range in the distance. She remained awake just long enough to make a call on her cell phone, whispering to the party on the other end before falling fast asleep. “Did you have any plans for today?” she asked as she sat across the table from him the next morning, enjoying a bowl of frosted cereal. He sliced a banana into thin segments and dropped them into his own as he considered her question. “Honestly, I’m starting to run out of ideas,” he admitted. “There isn’t a whole lot to do around here. This isn’t Florida or New York . We have the mountains and the lake and a few attractions in the bigger cities, but other than that, we don’t have a whole lot.” She stirred her cereal slowly, barely grazing the side of the bowel. “What would you say if I told you that I have something in mind?” “What would that be?” “You’ll see,” she replied in a cool, coy manner. Knowing she had him on the hook, she looked down at her bowl and continued eating, pretending she had never brought anything to his attention. Cal’s face turned sour. He wanted to ask what she had meant by that, but he also knew she would tell him in her own, sweet time. No amount of coaxing, bribing, or begging could make her spill the beans. “Hey,” she said suddenly, bringing an end to the short but rather uncomfortable silence. “Do you remember Samantha Ruger?” “Sammy?” he asked. The question caught him completely off guard. “Yeah, I remember her. I haven’t seen her since high school. She married the guy who owned the flower shop, didn’t she?” She shook her head, careful not to allow any of the breakfast to slip from her mouth. “No, she was going to. Then she found out he was gay. It turned out he had a crush on her brother instead. He was using her to get to him.” “Wow, I never saw that coming!” he insisted. Then he thought about it a little harder, tilted his head to the side, remembering some of the behavior habits he had seen, and admitted, “Yeah, well, maybe I did after all” “I keep in touch with her,” she admitted. “She still lives in the area. You know, she had the biggest crush on you for a few years.” “Really? Is that why she was always so mean to me? Half the time I thought she was going to give me a black eye or something.” “Sweetheart, you really didn’t know very much about girls back then, did you?” "I guess not,” he agreed. “But I’ve learned a lot since then.” Finished with her meal, she rose and carried the dirty dishes to the sink, quickly returning for his. “You know, I think we should stay here today,” she suggested. “I think it would be nice just to relax and take it easy.” “I thought you said you made plans,” he pointed out. “I didn’t say that,” she reminded him. “I only asked what you would think if I had.” “Did you?” She turned her back and stepped back to the sink. “Maybe,” was all she offered with her back turned to him. A few hours later, as they sat watching a movie on the television, there was an unexpected knock on the door. He was about to rise to his feet to answer it but she placed a cautionary hand on his chest to hold him down. Making sure he would stay, she rose to her feet and opened the door. “You made it,” she said as she stepped back, allowing the visitor to enter. Cal looked up and immediately rose from the couch. His eyes were ablaze with surprise. Standing in front of him was Sammy, almost a mirror image to Silvia. She had obviously taken care of herself over the years, and looked even more radiant than when she was eighteen. Her hair flowed down over her shoulders, half way down her back, and he could tell through the thin fabric of her ankle-long striped dress that her stomach was taut and flat, enhancing the image of her large breasts. “Wow, hi,” was all Cal could utter at the moment. Sammy stepped forward and wrapped her slender arms about his torso and drew him into a tight hug. He couldn’t help but to feel her taut nipples pressing against his chest as he returned the embrace and his hands wandered down to her waist. He inadvertently held her tightly to himself, feeling unexpectedly comfortable in her grasp. He tensed, just for a brief moment, when he felt her soft lips press against his neck in a gentle kiss. “I missed you,” she whispered into his ear before releasing her embrace. Cal hesitated, not knowing just what to do or what to say. Her presence was an absolute surprise to him, and confusion coursed through his body. He looked from Sammy to Silvia and back a few times, half expecting Silvia to become jealous. “This is my surprise,” Silvia announced when she saw the look of confusion on his face. “I… uh… what?” “She’s wanted your cock for years,” Silvia continued. “We talked about it a few times, and when I told her that I was coming up for a visit, well, one thing led to another, and we decided to surprise you.” Sammy bit onto her lower lip in an enticing manner, and in an innocent schoolgirl way, asked, “You can handle both of us, can’t you?” “This’ll be a first,” he admitted. He smiled, now comfortable with the new situation. He decided to enjoy himself as best as he could. Sammy turned to Silvia and gently grasped her face in her hand, her slim, delicate fingers caressing her cheeks. She leaned forward until their lips met, and a gently sigh escaped from her throat. She parted her lips slightly, and their tongues met in an intertwined wrestle of passion and desire. Hands probed bodies, fingers caressed breasts through cloth, and hips pressed against each other as their needs began to grow. As her desire increased, Silvia’s fingers traced a line along the sides of Sammy’s breasts, tickling the skin beneath. A shiver bolted through Sammy’s body and she giggled softly, watching Silvia’s fingers make their way up her body. Her index finger slid beneath the straps of her dress, one at a time, and slid them over her shoulders. Once free, she gently tugged at the top of her thin dress. The fabric cascaded downward, and both her breasts were free of their confines. Sammy looked down at her globes as Silvia held one in her hand, lowering her head until she wrapped her lips about the budding nipple. She sucked on it, enjoying the warmth and hardness, and then chewed it carefully, rolling it from side to side between her teeth as her tongue teased the sensitive tip. “Oh, fuck!” Sammy insisted. Wave after wave began to course through her body and she held Silvia’s head tightly to her plump tit as her head tilted back with desire. Silvia continued to chew on her hardened nipple and a drop or two of warm milk dripped into her mouth. It flowed across her tongue and down her throat. Wanting more, Silvia continued to chew on the sides of her large nipple, with areolas nearly the size of silver dollars and much larger than her own, until her milk began to flow freely. She milked her friend for all she could, as Sammy moaned loudly and freely, until she finally had her fill. Silvia pulled back and a tiny stream of warmth dribbled from the corner of her mouth, down her chin, and created a wet spot at the neck of her tee shirt. She scooped some of the lactation onto the tip of her finger and sucked it clean. “That was delicious,” she insisted as she turned to Cal. “You have to try some of this for yourself!” Sammy turned to Cal with a smile. She grabbed both her tits, heavy with desire, and raised them in an offering. “Come on, stud,” she demanded. “Suck on these puppies. I know you want to.” Cal didn’t have to be told twice. He rushed across the room and placed his hands on hers, helping to squeeze her beautiful tits. He lowered his mouth to each nipple and sucked, barely aware that her dress had fallen from her body and formed a pile at her feet, mixing in with Silvia’s own clothing, somehow discarded without notice. He felt a tug at his belt buckle as warm milk dribbled between his teeth and into his mouth. Keeping the nipple safely in check, he looked down. Silvia was on the floor between them. Her clothing had already been shed, and she was undoing his belt buckle. As soon as his belt had been loosened, she tugged his trousers to the floor, where he easily kicked them aside. His cock was growing just as hard as the nipple in his mouth. As he squeezed and coaxed the warm juice from her ample melons, he felt a hand wrap around his cock. It jerked slowly as a second hand cradled his hardening nut sack. Silvia’s hand slid all the way to the base of his shaft, and then back down to the base, making sure it was growing fatter and longer. She squeezed his rod as she tickled his balls with the tips of his fingers. He sucked harder on the nipple in his mouth and Sammy’s knees began to grow weak. “Ah, baby, suck them good!” she insisted as her hand snaked down to the thin felt between her knees. Her fingers probed and squeezed her pussy lips, causing her breath to thicken and grow deeper. They immediately became puffy and enflamed and she squeezed them as she ran a finger down through the middle. She moaned in enchantment as her fingers began to feel the dampness flowing from inside. Silvia spun around while keeping her tightened fist on Cal ’s cock. She began licking the inside of Sammy’s thighs, lapping upward with each stroke. In just a few short seconds her tongue joined Sammy’s fingers, tasting the warm juices that had begun to coat her hand. She licked her friend clean, then gently nuzzled her hand away with her cheek. Once her pussy was exposed, she inserted her tongue, darting in and out like a small, soft cock. Sammy’s fee hand grabbed the back of her head and pulled her face tightly against her pelvic area, urging her to fuck her with her tongue even harder. “I’m going to cum,” Sammy suddenly moaned. Silvia immediately shoved her tongue in further, as far as she could, and swirled it around in wide circles, licking as much of her pussy walls as she could. Sammy’s hips began to quiver as Cal continued chewing and sucking on her rock hard nipples, dancing from one to the other, as she started to moan louder. Without warning, she let out a squeal and Silvia suddenly found her face awash with Sammy’s juices, cascading from her lips and soaking her breasts Drained, at least for the moment, Sammy leaned forward, popping her nipple from Cal’s hungry mouth. With a smile on her face not unlike the many Silvia had displayed over the past few days, she wrapped her arms about his neck and drew his face closer to hers. She quickly pressed her lips against his mouth and her tongue snaked between them, caressing his own and exploring the insides of his mouth. He instantly began to probe her mouth as well, delving between her teeth and deeply between her soft silken cheeks. With her mouth now free, Silvia turned to the cock in her hand. She wrapped the other around it and continued pumping. After every few jerks, her tongue slid from her mouth and teased the tip of the head. It took only a few moments until a droplet of precum squeezed from the opening, and she swirled it around on the tip of her tongue until it had formed a long, salty string of goodness. She twirled it around and around, lacing it around until it looked like a small white string, and then sucked it into her mouth. Sammy looked down between her heaving breasts. She saw Silvia with her hands wrapped around the shaft of Cal’s cock and her lips precariously close to the wet bulbous head. Keeping her tongue deep in his mouth, she reached down until her hands touched Silvia’s cheeks and then pushed forward with her hips. She forced the other woman to take his cock into her mouth, to which she readily complied. As his cock slid in and out, she massaged Silvia’s cheeks, enjoying the feeling of his cock bulging out the sides of her sweet mouth. Helping her along, she swayed her hips back and forth, controlling the duration and the depth of how far his cock entered her mouth. Silvia’s hair began to caress her pussy lips, and both women began to moan loudly. “How’s his cock taste?” Sammy asked as she pulled away from his face. Silvia looked up with the tip still in her mouth. “It tastes like a cock,” she replied around the edges. Sammy forced her against his dick again, pushing until it was lodged deep in her throat. She pumped it several times with her cheeks, aided by Sammy’s coaxing hands, working to draw the cum from his balls. When she came u
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p for air, she added, “Tastes great!” “Mmm,” she insisted. “I want a taste!” Silvia slipped between his legs, keeping his cock in her mouth until she had made her way behind him, then turned and grabbed his ass cheeks. As Sammy lowered to her knees, Silvia leaned forward and placed her face between his cheeks. Her tongue zipped in and out of her mouth, teasing his rear entrance. “You two are too much!” he insisted, but the smile on his face told them he was enjoying whatever they wanted to do. “But I think I can get to like this!” Sammy grabbed his wet cock. She stared into the tiny hole in the middle. She seemed mesmerized. She had wanted his cock all through high school. She had waited far too long. She spat on it and rubbed her saliva along his shaft, making sure it was well lubricated. Then she pumped it with both hands to keep it hard. Her hands moved up and down in a blur and she popped the head between her lips. “Yes!” she gasped around his knob. She forced her head forward, engulfing his cock all the way to his balls in one swift, delightful move. He reached down and wrapped his fingers through her soft hair as he watched his cock disappear into her mouth. She held it there as she reached around behind him, her fingers grazing across Silvia’s equally busy hands, and made sure he could not retract from her lips. She sucked hard on his rod and her cheeks pulled inward from the vacuum. His cock popped out of her mouth, wet with saliva, and she happily gasped for air. Drool flowed from the corner of her mouth and cascaded down the side of her mouth. She took several deep breaths. Silvia was right. His cock was delicious. She wanted more. She needed more. She wasn’t going to stop until she had her fill. As Silvia’s tongue continued to poke in and out of his ass, prompting his cock to remain fat and long, she grabbed his dick and placed it between her ample tits, nearly burying it in her cleavage. A string of drool escaped her sexy mouth and landed on the tip of his cock. She worked between her tits and onto his shaft. When it was lubricated well enough, she began to rock up and down on her knees. His inflamed dick easily slid up and down between her soft globes, and when it reached the top, she held her tongue out and caressed the head. She sucked on it each time it protruded through her cleavage, leaving a trail of saliva from her chin, dripping down all the way to her pubic hairs. “It’s a beef steak!” she insisted as it rose and fell between her tight tits. She squeezed them tightly to increase the wonderful friction. “I want the warm cheese inside!” “Keep working my cock like that and you won’t have a choice,” he acknowledged. He grabbed the back of her head and, as Silvia’s tongue delved past his sphincter muscles, drew her face against his waist. She quickly raised her tits to his balls and used them to massage his nut sack as her mouth engulfed the tip of his cock. She moaned loudly with her mouth full, and as she slowly withdrew, she grazed his skin with her teeth, bringing a new sensation to his body. “Oh, fuck, woman!” he insisted, both aroused and concerned at the same time. He enjoyed this feeling tremendously and the added element of concern for her possibly biting down on his shaft excited him even more. He looked down to watch, she looked up and their eyes met. The idea of being watched excited her, and she slowly made her way down his cock again, slurping loudly as it entered her mouth. Her tongue traced a wet line along the underside of his dick all the way to his puckered balls. He shuddered slightly from the oral attack on both sides, and fought to keep from spilling his seed into her mouth. He wanted to make this experience last as long as he could. There was no telling when it would happen again. “Not so fast, girls,” he managed to say. “We have the whole day.” Silvia withdrew her tongue from his crack and leaned forward, sliding the silky top of her head across the bottom of his ass cheeks and nut sack as Sammy slid his cock from her mouth. They met beneath his cock and balls and fell into a warm, passionate kiss, their mouths flowing from lips to cheeks and foreheads and back to lips again. Cal stepped back from the display. His legs were growing weak but his cock was still growing strong. He watched the women kiss and fondle one another as he made his way to the couch, and then slid to the floor. Sammy broke away from Silvia’s lips and slid her fingers from her drenched pussy lips. She looked over to Cal and began to crawl across the carpeted floor with Silvia close behind. Without saying a word, she slithered up his body like a lust-filled snake, stopping only long enough to fondle his cock. She dipped her head and stuck out her tongue, drawing a line of saliva from his pubic hairs all the way to his chin. He thought she was going to press her lips to his and probe his mouth with her tongue again but instead, she drew away and continued climbing up his body. Her large tits eased up his chest, followed the sides of his face and then disappeared over the top of his head. Her belly button caressed his lips for a moment, then, as he leaned his head back onto the floor, his mouth came into contact with her damp pussy lips. “Suck my pussy,” she demanded. “Please, eat me! Do it now!” As her hands grabbed the top of his head and forced his face against her love nest, his tongue darted out and found her soft folds. He wrapped his hands around her ass, his finger slowly gliding up and down her crack as he sucked on her lips. They were warm and wet, and he eagerly tickled and probed as she began to cry out with lust. Silvia was not going to be left out of the fun. She crawled between his legs and dragged her full breasts across his balls and cock, kissing from the base of his dick to the center of his stomach. Her hands followed Sammy’s ass cheeks as he ate her out. Placing her hands on her friend’s shoulders, she raised her ass slightly, grabbed his cock and slowly lowered back down. His dick swiftly entered her sphincter all the way to his balls and she cried out softly in ecstasy. “What are you doing?” Sammy asked with her eyes closed. He voice was thick as the sexual tension tightened her chest. “He’s fucking my ass,” she replied. “He has his tongue… deep… in my pussy!” She shuddered and leaned back, spreading her lips further apart to give him better access. “I feel so… wet,” she insisted. Cal held on tightly, forcing his tongue as deeply inside as he could. Her juices began to flow freely, coating his lips, his tongue, and his chin. He forced himself against her with renewed passion as he felt a familiar hand on his cock, and then he entered her wonderful ass. His cock pulsed as she squeezed tightly around the base of his rod as it attempted to coax his warm, white syrup from his balls, and he knew he had to fight to control himself if he wanted the experience to last. The girls were definitely not making this easy for him. Although he could not see from his vantage point, he could hear and feel what they were doing. Silvia leaned forward and draped her arms beneath Sammy’s and began to massage her luscious tits. Sammy leaned back slightly to allow her better access, and grabbed her hands to guide her. Both women squeezed and pinched her puckering nipples. Tiny streams of warm, white liquid began to seep and then squirt from the centers. It flowed down her tits, across her taut stomach and eventually flowed into Cal’s face, mixing with the salty juices from between her lips. “Yes,” she gasped, tightening her grip on Silvia’s hands. “It feels so… fucking… good! Eat my pussy, you fucking animal. Eat me!” Silvia tilted her head forward. Her lips puckered on Sammy’s shoulder. Her tongue snaked out from between her lips and followed her neck all the way up to the bottom of her jaw line and left a trail of saliva across her silky skin. She continued upward as she massaged her taunt nipples until she fell upon the lobe of her ear. She gently sucked it between her lips and tugged on it gently with her mouth, sending wave after wave of excitement through her body. Sammy cried out in ecstasy. It started as a low moan and quickly rose to a scream. Her body began to shudder and quiver and her squeal turned silent as her mouth formed an “O”. Her hands fluttered on the back of Cal’s head, no longer able to hold him in place. She released her orgasm in a massive wave of thick, creamy fluid, and it flowed across his face, down past his ears and puddled onto the carpet. “Mother fucker!” she gasped. She slowly rolled off to the side, spent but satisfied. This was something she had wanted years ago, forgotten about, but finally experienced. She fell onto her back and her fingers lowered to her pelvic mound and rubbed slowly, deliberately. Her breath came in quick gasps that gradually slowed to normal breathing in the wake of one of the best orgasms she could remember experiencing. Silvia slowly rose from his body as his cock slipped from her tight asshole. She moved over to Sammy and cuddled up between her thighs and blew gently across her enflamed pussy lips. Still extremely sensitive from spewing her salty ambrosia, she shuddered with a gasp. She reached down and began to stroke Silvia’s thick hair, running the luxurious strands through her long fingers. “You’re right. He does a great job at eating pussy.” Silvia glanced over to Cal and focused her gaze upon his manhood. “He still has a hard-on,” she pointed out. “It would be a shame to let that go to waste. But I’m too sore right now. Do you think you could do something about it?” Sammy smiled seductively. She rose to her hands and knees, making sure he had a perfect view of her puffy pussy lips. She needed no words to encourage him. He quickly rose to his knees and approached from behind. He grabbed his burning rod and carefully lined it up with her slit. The tip tickled her lips, and she leaned back, falling to her elbows as she shoved herself onto his hard cock. It slid inside her with great ease, and as he began to thrust in and out, she flexed her sex muscles, creating wonderful, glorious tension. He grabbed her taut ass cheeks for support and control, and pressed forward, withdrew and repeated the move several times. With each thrust, he entered deeply until he was balls-deep in her cunt. Silvia quickly rolled onto her back and positioned her face directly beneath his balls. She reached up and began to lick them and suck them and draw them into her mouth every time he withdrew from Sammy’s body. Her tongue was like a snake, slithering all over his sex sack, and when she popped one completely in her mouth and tickled it with her tongue, he felt a wave of electricity shoot through his groin. “Oh, fuck me, baby!” Sammy insisted as she looked back over her shoulder. His cock had suddenly thickened inside of her, and the sensation lighted up her whole body. “Cum inside me! I want you to fill my pussy!” He could hold back no more. He pulled her hips back and impaled himself as deeply as he could as Silvia held his nut inside of her mouth. His cock burned with the fires of lust, and it pulsed madly, depositing his seed deep inside of her. His nut puckered inside of Silvia’s mouth as she sucked with gusto, and his load flowed freely, spilling out of Sammy’s cunt and flowed down his balls and coated Silvia’s eager mouth. She swallowed all that spilled over, licking his cock clean when he finally withdrew. Finally, he fell to the floor and lay on his back, completely drained. Nevertheless, he was happy and satisfied. He often wondered what it would be like to fuck Sammy beneath the bleachers, or in the back of his car, or maybe even somewhere in the woods where they would have privacy. Now he didn’t have to wonder any longer. His curiosity had been fulfilled, and it was good! He must have fallen asleep as his cock deflated back to normal because, the next thing he knew, Sammy was leaning over him and completely dressed. She placed a single kiss on his lips and offered a satisfied smile. “You were wonderful,” she said as she stood up and straightened her dress. “It was well worth the wait. But I want a rematch. I’ll be back before too long.” With that, she blew him a kiss and made her way out the door. “Well, it looks like you won’t be so lonely after I leave after all,” Silvia purred. She was still undressed and cuddled up next to him. She gently stroked the thin hairs on his chest, occasionally curling them up in her fingers. Cal reached over and began to stroke her soft hair. He exhaled deeply as he smiled down to her. “You know,” he said, “I think it’s about time I start taking vitamins.”

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