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Naked Women Make Love Porn With Rape Women

Eve had heard the snake before she saw it. It slithered over the grass up to her feet and then turned and went up the tree where the apples hung.“What are you up too, Eve?” said the snake.“Nothing, just looking.”She blushed, and the snake hissed, his forked tongue slipping in and out.“What are you looking at?”“The apples, they remind me of my behind.”The snake moved out onto a branch and looked at the fruits and then said, “Turn around.”Eve did, and the snake continued. “Yeah, you are right, it does look similar. I wonder if your behind would taste as sweet as the apple.”Eve giggled. “What makes you say that, why would anyone even think that?”The snake slid back and coiled itself around the trunk. His slit eyes were only inches from Eve’s clear blue. The colour of her lips reminded the snake of the red apples. He had watched her since God created her from Adam’s rib and had wondered why God had done such a thing. There was no real point in her being. She was weaker than Adam, slower, and couldn’t really do much except cook.The snake knew why God had told Adam and Eve not to eat the apples, but he wondered if he could get the female to do it anyway. He was quite curious about what would happen if she did. Would she die, or become ill, or would something more terrible happen? Being evil, he decided to try to convince her.“Eve, why don’t you try one.”She shook her head. “No, no, God said we shouldn’t.”The snake looked around. “He isn’t here, go ahead, just a small bite.”Eve tilted her head and cocked her hip. “Snake, why are you trying to convince me to go against God’s will?”“I’m not, honestly, I would try one if I could. I have always wondered what it would feel like to bite into one, feeling the skin break and the juice running down my jaws.”The woman stared at him for a second and then said, “No, I won’t do it.”She was about to turn around and leave when the snake said, “Wait, if you try the apple I will tell you a secret.”Eve thought for a moment. The snake had been in Eden for a long time, and he might have useful information that could help Adam and her in their daily life. Before she could stop herself, she had reached out and grabbed one of the red apples and bit into it.The snake stared at her as she ate it, one bite at the time, but nothing happened. The juice ran down her chin and dropped down on her bare breast and ended up as drops on her pink nipples. When she was done, she threw what was left away and said, “It was lovely, but it made me thirsty.”She turned and walked over to a little pond where the water lay still making it into a mirror. As she bent over and saw her own reflection, she jerked backward and exclaimed, “Why is my body unprotected, Adam could see me like this!”The snake hissed and slithered away in the grass, his work was done.******Adam was lying under a tree resting after his lunch. Eve had gone for a walk when they had finished, and now he saw her coming back through the grass. As she got closer, he noted a few things that he found odd. First of all, she had tied a large leaf where her legs were attached to her body, second, she was using her forearm to cover her front and third she carried something red in her other hand.When she stood in front of him, he saw it was one of the fruits from the forbidden tree, an apple.“What have you done, Eve?” he said, shocked that she had disobeyed God.There was something different about Eve he realized, her usual innocent face had changed, she looked at him differently, and her eyes flicked from where his legs met his body and up to his lips.“I ate the apple, and look, nothing happened. Try one.”She offered the red fruit, but Adam moved back. “No, I can’t.”“Oh yes you can, nothing will happen.”“Why do you have that leaf?” he said.“Because I was naked.”“Naked?”“Yes, I wasn’t covered, you could see my sex.”“What’s sex?” Adam was confused.She sighed. “You are so stupid sometimes, do you know that my sex, my pussy, cunt, whatever the fuck you want to call it was exposed?”“What’s fuck?” Adam thought Eve had hit her head.“Just eat the damn apple, and it will come to you.”Adam noting that Eve was upset took the fruit from her outstretched hand and bit into it. The taste was overwhelming, and it was so good that he finished it in four bites. When he looked up at her, he saw what he now realized were boobs and something stirred from between his legs. He had never felt it before, but it was good, so he was happy.“Oh, Adam, what is happening to you?” said Eve, her face showing shock and she was pointing down.Adam looked down and saw the thing he urinated from stand straight up. It was longer and thicker than he had ever seen it.“I don’t know, but it feels good,” he said and grinned.Eve’s face changed suddenly to that of fear, “What’s happening to me, I am leaking?”She put her fingers under the leaf, and they came back wet. A clear liquid ran down one of them, and she tasted it.“Oh, my, it tastes good, try some,” she said and offered Adam her index finger.He held her wrist and let his tongue run along the finger and what he tasted was salty but also tangy. It made his thing even harder.Meanwhile, Eve had begun to explore under her leaf and said, “Adam, I have an entrance here, it’s like a hole, and it’s wet.”Adam stopped licking her finger and got up, so he was kneeling before her. “Let me see, maybe you are injured?”“No, it doesn’t hurt at all; it actually feels very good when I touch it.”Adam lifted the leaf and recognized the smell that had come from her finger.“Eve, you are right, you are leaking, let’s see where it’s coming from.”Adam used his fingers and spread what looked like two folds of flesh. What he saw made him very confused. The area was pink and under the first folds where two more, one on either side of the hole. Above it was a small pointy thing that stood out. Adam touched it with his finger.“Wow, oh, oh, what was that?” said Eve and gasped.“I have no idea, did it hurt?”“No, on the contrary, it felt very good, do it again.”Keeping the folds apart Adam started to flick his finger over the pointy thing and Eve began to breathe deeper and after a little, while her legs began to shake and she said, “I have to sit down, that feels so good.”When she was sitting on the grass, Adam knelt between her legs and continued what he had been doing. Eve’s reactions became stronger, her fingers dug into the grass, and her back side came off it and at the same time she was making strange moaning sounds she had never done before.“Oh, Adam, Adam, this is amazing, why haven’t we done it before, it feels so good.”Adam realized he could stick his finger in the hole and he wanted to try that. The inside was warm and wet, and as he moved his finger back and forth, he felt how the wall of the meat cave, which what it looked like, began to contract.“Ah, ah,” screamed Eve and her body shook while her breathing had stopped.Adam watched as her body tensed and her entire back and behind came off the grass, he continued with two fingers and Eve began to moan louder and louder.“Ah, yes, yes, yes, Adam, keep going, it is incredible!”When Eve had reacted five times Adam’s arm was tired, so he stopped, leaving Eve lying on the grass catching her breath. When he looked down at his thing between his legs, he noted that a liquid was oozing out of the tiny hole. He used his finger and tasted it, and the taste was similar to that of Eve, but not as good.“Eve, look, I’m also leaking.”She crawled on her knees and elbows to where Adam was sitting, and the movement made Adam even harder.“Let’s see,” she said and held the thi
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ng between his legs.Her fingers curled around it felt good, and when she put a finger on the tip and then tasted it, she said, “Mm, that is so much better than mine.”“No, it’s not,” said Adam.“I want more,” she said and began to move her hand up and down so to make more liquid come out which it did.“What are you doing?” said Adam when Eve lowered her head.“I think that if I suck on it, more will come out.”Before he had a chance to answer Eve had her lips around him, and it gave such pleasure Adam fell back onto the grass where he lay still.While watching Eve, he noted how her lips stretched around his thing and when she looked at him her eyes had a glaze to them like if she was dreaming.Before he knew it, Adam was moaning just like Eve had done and there was a tickling feeling in the bag that hung under his thing. As Eve continued sucking the bag contracted and Adam tensed his body.Eve was not ready for what happened next. Suddenly there was a flood of hot liquid rushing into her mouth. Not all at once but with a short time between them. The taste was much different and so much better than the first liquid that had come out of Adam. As she swallowed every drop she heard Adam moan and his hands were on her head pressing her down.When he was empty, she let go and licked her lips while sitting up. Watching the thing between Adam’s legs become small again she said, “What’s happening?”Adam looked down and said, “I don’t know, maybe it broke?”“Oh, that’s so sad, I liked playing with it. Maybe I can fix it,” she said and reached for it.“Ah, wait, it’s kind of sensitive, leave it alone, and we can try later.”Eve was disappointed but also felt sorry for Adam who had broken, she wondered if God could fix him when he came back.******Later that day when the sun had set and Adam and Eve sat next to each other watching the moon rise Adam suddenly said, “Cock!”Eve turned to him and asked, “What’s cock?”Adam smiled at her. “It’s what my thing is called, it just came to me, and I now know your meat cave is called a pussy or cunt.”Eve giggled, “At least we now know what we have, but I still don’t understand what they are used for, apart from giving us great pleasure.Eve leaned back in the grass and spread her legs just enough so that she could slide her hand between them.“What are you doing?” said Adam while watching her.“I was thinking that if you could give me such pleasure I would be able to do it myself.”“Okay, maybe I can too,” he said and grabbed his limp cock.Adam was worried that it wouldn’t become hard again, but to his relief it did and what made it so much easier was watching Eve as she pushed two fingers in and out of her pussy.Eve watched Adam as he stroke his cock, and then it came to her, the cock could fit in her pussy.“Adam, come and lie on top of me, I have an idea,” she said and reached for him.He did what she asked, and when his chest touched her breasts, he felt the nipples become hard. At the same time Eve was reaching for his cock between his legs, and when she found it, she guided it to the opening between hers.“Push a little, Adam.”His cock touched something warm and wet that gave way, and suddenly he slid inside Eve. Immediately his cock was grabbed by her meat cave, and he sighed with pleasure.“Adam, I think you have to move back and forth like you did with your fingers.”“Oh, yeah, of course.”Eve’s eyes open wide as he began to move back and forth, his cock filled her up, and the sensation was overwhelming, so much better than when he used his fingers.She wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him closer. Her hands slid up and down his powerful back, and her nails dug into his skin as he moved faster.Adam’s breathing was shallow and fast. His skin sack under his cock was contracting, and he recognized the feeling from before, he would soon unload his liquid, and he didn’t want to dirty Eve’s pussy with it.At that moment Eve held him harder than before, and her body convulsed as it had earlier.“Adam, Adam, it’s happening again, oh, oh, yes!”When she relaxed, Adam pulled out and grabbed his cock. Moving his hand back and forth he made it shoot out a white liquid that landed on Eve’s flat tummy and ran down her sides. She took some on her finger and tasted it.A smile grew on her face, Adam wasn’t broken, he was fine, and the taste was as delicious as it had been earlier. She noted that his cock was still hard and she wanted more of it.Adam had lain down on his back, and his chest was heaving. Eve straddled him, and he said, “What are you doing?”“I think we can do the same thing in this position.”She grabbed his cock, and when it slid inside her, she moaned and began to move up and down. Adam put his hands behind his head and watched Eve as she rode him.Her boobs bounced, and he wanted to touch them. When he gently squeezed them, Eve moaned louder and leaned down. Suddenly her lips were on his, and it was a new and very pleasurable experience. Their tongues met, and as Eve continued to ride him they kissed, and he held her hard against his chest.Eve’s pussy began to send the signals she was waiting for so she moved out of Adam’s arms so she could ride him better.“Yes, yes, yes, give it to me,” she screamed when Adam took hold of her hips and began to meet her with his own thrusts.She came with a drawn out moan, and her body shivered as she slowly moved down along Adam’s legs until she once again could take his cock in her mouth and make him squirt that delicious liquid.Adam watched her and smiled to himself. He had made the right choice eating the apple, life in Eden would be so much more fun now.They fell asleep in each other’s arms for the first time, and it felt good.******When Eve woke up the following morning Adam was still sleeping on his back. She got up and walked down to a small stream where she drank the cool water and washed her face.When she came back to Adam, she noted his cock had gone hard again and she knelt next to him. Taking the hard shaft in her hand, she wondered why God hadn’t told them about the wonderful things they could do with it.As she sat there with the cock in her hand a shadow fell over her, and she let go of it and whipped around.There he was, God, in all his glory and with him was Gabriel, Michael, and Raphael, the three archangels.Eve fell to her knees and raised her face to God. “Lord, I am so glad to see you again.”God looked first at her and then at Adam who had woken up. His cock was till hard, and he didn’t try to shield it.God’s voice boomed when he said, “I see you two ate the apple.”Adam quickly pointed at Eve. “It was her idea, I promise.”God turned to Eve and said, “Is this true?”“The snake made me,” she whispered.“Ah, the snake, always the snake, that’s what they all say.”Eve was confused. “All?”God sighed and said, “Do you think you are the first humans I have created? If you do, you are wrong, you are version five or six, I can’t really remember. Anyway, they all ate the apple and then fucked like animals, fornicators all of them.”God was about to turn around when Gabriel said, “What do we do with these two, kill them like the others?”God looked back at Adam and Eve who sat holding each other. They were crying, and he felt a bit sorry for them.“No, let them be, let them fornicate as much as they want, they can keep this planet and call it their home.”He put his arm around Gabriel and said, “C’mon, boys, there are more worlds to create.”Then they were gone. Adam and Eve sat in silence for a while and then Adam said, “Eve, what do we do now?”She gently grabbed his cock and whispered, “we follow our Lord’s advice and fornicate.”

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