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Real Porn with Blonde Fut On Bus XXX

My night with that crazy brunet had been a dizzying experience to be sure. Like most guys, I'd had my share of one-night stands, but I'd never met a woman like her before. As the next few weeks passed, I kept searching for this apparition of a woman, but after that night, she was nowhere to be found. I could only assume that she got what she was after and decided to move on. I did ask around the complex though, but none of my neighbors remembered ever seeing her. It was as frustrating as it was confusing, and I might have doubted my sanity if not for that tiny pair of panties she left with me. Thankfully, my girlfriend never got wind of what happened that night, and eventually I was more or less able to settle back into our normal relationship. Susan and I may not have been the most compatible couple in the world, but we did understand each other and managed to get along quite well. Susan was kind and attentive, but not very daring in bed. This hadn't been a problem before, but after the events of that night, I found it increasingly difficult to be satisfied with the basically vanilla sex that Susan offered. A month or so after I had last seen that odd brunet, I decided to take Susan out for a special evening. My feelings for her were undeniably strong, but being stalked and then seduced by a woman whose name I didn't even know had rocked me more that I wanted to admit. I wanted to do something special with Susan that would help us both discover just how serious we were about each other. Secretly too, I was feeling guilty about my obsession with this unknown woman, and I hoped that treating Susan to a night of elegant entertainment would somehow make up for the lie I was living. When I arrived at her apartment, she greeted me at the door with a warm kiss, clearly excited about the night I had planned. Her beautiful emerald dress set off her red hair while clinging wonderfully to her figure. She truly was more beautiful that night than I had ever seen her, and her excited smile hinted at how happy she was that our relationship was evolving into something more serious. After a nice dinner, I took Susan to The Metro, a popular nightclub on the West Side that offered high-powered music and dancing. Susan always loved such places and we spent the next couple of hours on the dance floor, enjoying each other's company. Susan proved to be an excellent dancer, and the way she moved her body filled me with an appreciation that I'd never felt before. We had a few drinks, but I kept them to a minimum, trying my best not to do anything that might break the wonderful mood of the evening. Susan seemed to note my efforts and on our last slow dance, she held me close and rested her head on my chest. She cooed and murmured pleasantly as my hands roamed over her body and I felt certain that when we finally got back to my place, our lovemaking would rise to the level I so desperately needed. It was getting late by the time we found a small table off the dance floor with the idea of relaxing before heading home. Susan just beamed with happiness, and the slight glint of perspiration made her pale skin glow in the artificial lights. My thoughts were solely on her and my arousal was on high alert at the thought of getting her home and into bed. That's when I saw her. My mystery girl was sitting at the bar, sipping a drink and smiling brazenly at me from across the dance floor! My heart skipped a beat, and a look of horror must have crossed my face when her eyes locked on mine! I quickly looked away, but Susan caught my reaction and took my hand. "Ryan? What's the matter?" Fear gripped me as I tried to figure out what the hell was going on. I held Susan's hand tightly and fought to keep my gaze locked on hers. "I don't think dinner isn't agreeing with me," I told her as dismissively as I could manage, hoping against hope the other woman wouldn't come to the table. "Oh, you poor thing, I warned you about eating too much before dancing." I dared a glance over Susan's shoulder just in time to see the sexy brunet point toward the bathrooms. Understanding her meaning, I jumped on the opening Susan gave me, hoping I could get rid of her before things spun out of control. "Yeah, I guess you were right. I'm going to use the men's room before we go." "Okay, don't be long," she replied pleasantly. I kissed her cheek as I left the table. Fortunately, the restrooms were behind a set of partition doors and I knew that this would give me quick chance to tell the sexy brunet to get lost. My relationship with Susan was at a high point and it was my sincere intention to protect that when I burst through the outer doors. When I entered the small hall that led to the restrooms, I saw her leaning against the wall next to the men's room door. She was wearing a short, black dress that hugged her slim waist and full breasts, and a pair of sexy, black high heels accentuated her long, beautiful legs. She greeted me with that same playful smile that she'd ensnared me with weeks earlier and my resolve began to fade as I remembered the sexy body that lay hidden underneath that dress. As soon as she saw the angry expression on my face, her smile turned to a sexy pout that completely disarmed my fading resolve. "Oh, don't look so upset Ryan, I'm not here to screw up your date." "Then what ARE you doing here? Don't tell me you just happened to be here tonight!" "Of course I didn't. I followed you here." She gave me that mischievous smile again and my head spun from the obvious contradiction. "Are you out of you fucking mind!" I snapped. "You can't play games with me like this. You've got to get out of here now and if you have something to say, then tell me your name and give me your number so we can talk like adults." She stepped up right into my chest and took my tie in her smallish hand. "Oh, I want something alright, and I'm not leaving until I get it!" Then she pushed the men’ s room door open and pulled me inside! "What the hell-" I struggled to answer, but followed her in, not understanding what she was doing. She pushed me toward the larger stall, right past a guy who was washing his hands. Once she had me behind the door, she turned toward the guy and laughed playfully. "Be a dear and don't say anything, okay hon? My boyfriend here needs a quickie." I heard him say 'holy shit' as the stall door slammed behind us. Then she pushed me against the wall and grabbed my cock through my pants. "You can have your little girlfriend Ryan," she said as she unzipped me. "I'm not interested in keeping you from her, but I want you to remember this when you fuck her tonight." I couldn't believe this was happening, but once she had my cock in her hand, I knew I couldn't stop her. She stroked me hard for several seconds and I groaned as she knelt at my feet and sank her mouth over my length. Her lips slid down my shaft and her tongue flicked over the super sensitive head as she bobbed up and down, taking me deeply into her mouth. I leaned against the metal wall of the stall and spread my legs slightly. Cupping my balls in her hand , she slid my trousers down to my knees. "Does your little red-headed bitch let you cum in her mouth Ryan?" she asked, pulling her mouth from my glistening cock. "Do you shoot your cum on her face? I bet you don't. She looks like the timid type to me. I'll bet she won't even fuck you outside the bedroom." She looked up, waiting for an answer as she stroked me, but I just shook my head and closed my eyes, refusing to talk about it. The truth was, she was basically right, but I wasn't going to give her the satisfaction of knowing it. Undeterred, she sneered knowingly. "She's a useless bitch who doesn't deserve you. Remember that when you fuck her tonight. And remember that I sucked you off first." With that, she dove back down and started sucking me hard. Once again, she'd gotten under my skin, filling me with both lust and anger. I grabbed her head hard in my hands, pulling her down, onto my shaft . Then I started fucking her mouth, driving my cock down her throat with an uncaring force until spittle ran down her chin. I held my rampant cock deep in her throat until her face reddened with effort and her eyes watered, but she never even tried to resist my strength. She only braced her hands on my hips and eagerly accepted my thrusting anger, gagging loudly as she took every inch. "Is this what you want, you bitch?" I said through clenched teeth. "Then fucking take it! If you're so damned determined to act like a slut then I'll damn well treat you like one." My mind swirled in conflicted, lust-filled anger and I shoved my throbbing dick into her throat, holding it there almost as if I wanted her to choke on it. I expected her to rebel, to resist and to pull off. Maybe I was hoping to scare her away. I told myself I did at the time, but I also knew deep down that she was drawing it out of me on purpose. She relaxed into my grip and her eyes found mind as the seconds passed. I could see the effort and stress build up in her as my cock blocked her airway, but still she submitted to my will. It was if she were willing to let me do anything, even hurt her if I chose. It was an incredible moment, and as her face turned bright red I finally relented and pulled back to let her breathe. Saliva dripped from her chin in thick, ropey strands and trailed down onto her heaving breasts as she sucked in air. It was a sight that fueled my excitement , driving it to a searing intensity. I stroked my cock for a moment while she coughed and gagged, struggling to catch her breath. "You like that shit, don't you. You get off on this, taking risks and pushing limits, right? Well here it is, bitch. Let's see if you've got the guts to finish this." By then she'd recovered and wiped the moisture from her face. "Are you trying to scare me Ryan?" she asked with a worried waver in her voice. "Do you think you can? Well if you want to abuse me then do it. I won't resist. A man should be a man Ryan, and if that means you need to hurt me to get off, then do it, but I'm not backing away." She scooted back between my legs and opened her mouth, offering it to me. I was more than shocked, I was outraged and turned on beyond anything I'd ever felt before. I started slapping her face with my penis, beating her with it as if it were a weapon. She accepted her punishment freely, dropping her hands behind her back and holding her face close with a mixture of hot arousal and grim determination as my hot shaft bounced off her lips. Finally, I grabbed her by the hair and pointed my dick right at her mouth. "Suck it then! Suck my cock until I come all over you." Following my command, she dove back on my dick and drew it into her mouth, bathing it with her tongue. Her lips slid easily up and down my shaft, caressing my sensitive skin with the sensual touch of an expert. My anger waned as her touch changed from fevered lust to what I could only describe as loving and reverent, and she slowly brought her hands up to caress my balls. I leaned back into the metal wall of the stall and my knees began to shake as my cock throbbed in her mouth. I felt it get as hard as it had ever been and I braced myself on her shoulders, knowing I was about to cum. I rocked my hips slightly, giving in to the urge to thrust and she responded by pulling my hips forward until my cock slithered deeply into her. My balls boiled with need and with a loud grunt, I filled her mouth with a thick load of hot, steaming cum. I shuddered with the force of my orgasm, grunting loudly despite my worry that we were making a terrible scene. By then though I didn't care if anyone heard us, and I could only hope that if another guy did come in, he would just laugh off our indiscretion. As the intensity of the moment passed, I let go of her head and she noisily sucked the last, residual droplets of cum from my cock. She licked my shaft completely clean and even sucked my balls until she was sure she had every drop. Then she helped me pull my pants up and tucked my now spent cock back into my shorts. "There you go sweetie," she said, smiling as if she'd never heard all the terrible things I'd said to her. "It wouldn't do to let Susan smell the aroma of cum on your cock." She had me reeling again and I had no idea what to say to her. The reality of the moment came back to me and suddenly I was in a near panic to get back to Susan. When my dark haired beauty stood, I was actually afraid she would kiss me and leave lipstick on my face, but she only straightened my tie. "There you go, all back in proper order. Now, you better get back out there before she starts worrying about you. I'll wait here until you're gone, just to be safe." It was an absolutely bizarre turnaround in her behavior, and all I could think to do was thank her for her concern. Just before I left the stall, she held my arm and gave me a reassuring look. "Ryan, I'm sorry for the mean things I said about her. I didn't mean it. I just wanted to get you going. I'm sure she's a wonderful girl." "Um, thank you," I said, cursing myself for sounding like an idiot. Even now though, I can't imagine how I should have responded. My head was spinning dizzily as I washed my hands and left the restroom. I couldn't believe what had just happened, and I barely composed myself before I found Susan back at our table. Susan rose as I approached and picked up her purse. "You look flushed baby. Are you sure you're feeling okay?" "Yeah, I'm fine. I just need to get some air." She felt my forehead and pouted with concern. "You feel warm. We better get you home so I can take care of you." As we headed out toward the car, I spotted my phantom lady leaving the restrooms. Smiling, she dabbed a tissue at her mouth and winked at me as we passed. It was right about then I fully realized just how much trouble I was in. My mind wandered as we drove back to my place. I knew I'd betrayed Susan in the most unforgivable of ways. Silently, I railed at myself, knowing that my betrayal continued to grow with every second that I didn't tell her what I'd done. I felt terrible for losing control of myself, but despite everything, part of me still basked in that illicit rush of excitement. Susan insisted on driving, and her concern for my supposed ailment was plain as day. I realized that while she wanted me to feel better, she also relished the idea of taking care of me. Her honest concern for me burned me deeply, and that, more than anything else, made me understand how much she cared. I'd hoped this evening would make our relationship stronger, and somehow it had, even as my actions could have destroyed it. By the time we got back home, I'd managed to control my fear. I then resolved to give her the care and love that she was clearly feeling for me. The guilt for my actions was still there, nothing could change that. I also knew that whoever this phantom stalker was, she wasn't worth losing Susan over. Somehow, I had to find a way to put an end to her game, no matter how exciting it was to play it. "Feeling better, Ryan?" Susan asked once we were back in my apartment. "Yeah, I am. I'm sorry Susan. I really didn't mean to put a damper on the evening." The very magnitude of the dishonesty in that statement would have been laughable if it hadn't been so serious, but Susan just smiled, not knowing the depth of my lie. She kissed me lightly. "Well, you just sit down on the couch hon. I'm going to put on some coffee, okay?" "Umm yeah, that sounds good to me." I watched Susan as she went about the mundane task, and for once, I saw how truly appreciate how beautiful she really was. The emerald green fabric of her dress made her light skin glow, and it clung to her body in a way that accentuated every delicious curve. Her nicely proportioned breasts fit her slim body perfectly and rode high up on her chest. Her red hair shined like silk under the artificial lights, matching her lipstick and nail polish in a way that couldn't have been a coincidence. Her legs were strong and shapely from the hours of aerobics she put herself through, and I knew from firsthand experience that the rest of her body was equally toned. Truthfully, she was far more beautiful than my tattooed stalker, and my heart ached only because Susan had never been able to let herself go sexually. She had a body that could rock me to my toes, yet for some reason she just never seemed capable of throwing off her inhibitions. It may have been small of me for feeling so, but that lack of sexual energy had always kept me from embracing our relationship. Even in that moment, I despaired at the thought that she might never be able to match my own desires. When she brought the steaming cup to me, I slipped my arm around her and happily allowed her to snuggle into my embrace. I sipped at the warm brew and let the strong aroma fill my senses. It's always the small luxuries in life that we appreciate most when we actually experience them, and so it was that I felt the wonderfully intimate connection that Susan and I shared. There is something incredible about those quiet moments spent with someone you love. Feeling the softness of her body as she relaxed against me filled me with a serene happiness. Its pleasant warmth touched me far more deeply than any meaningless sexual experience ever could. I sat my cup on the table and gently caressed her arm as I let my thoughts drift through what I had done to her. I held no illusions about being right or justified in any way. My guilt was obvious and weighed heavily on my heart as I felt Susan sigh at my touch. We were obviously moving into a profound moment in our relationship and my heart screamed in anger at my weakness in allowing myself to behave in such a heinous fashion. Yet, even as I hid behind the false nobility of shame, the deeper, animalistic part of my masculinity would not let the heat of that moment fade. Images of me forcing my cock down this unknown woman's throat flashed in my mind, and my cock responded to the thought with its own desire. The bulge of my erection became starkly outlined in my slacks and Susan, not knowing its excitement was for another, smiled naughtily as she began rubbing it with her delicate hand. "It looks like you're feeling better baby," she cooed. Then she leaned close and kissed me softly as her hand squeezed my offending organ through my pants. I tasted the sweetness of her lips and shifted slightly, allowing her to easily enjoy the growing hardness she'd found. "I am, ” I responded. “And I'm feeling better and better as you do that. I love it when you touch me like that, Susan." We kissed again, this time more deeply. The passion of our kisses grew hotter and more fevered, and Susan responded by unbuckling my belt and drawing the zipper of my slacks down, inch by inch. Having her take the initiative like this was refreshingly new, and I did nothing but luxuriate in her kisses as she exposed my now fully erect cock through my pants. When she pulled it out, she gazed down at it with a desire I'd never seen in her before. For several long moments, we kissed and nuzzled each other as she lovingly stroked my turgid erection. "Mmm Ryan, your cock feels so smooth in my hand. It's so soft and hard at the same time. I just love how it feels." She looked happy and relaxed as she ran her palm up and down my shaft, and a wistful sigh escaped her lips as a gleaming drop of precum appeared at its tip. I nuzzled her neck and the scent of her perfume heated my desire as she continued to fondle me. My hand found her breast through her dress and I happily discovered that her nipples were already hard with arousal. I squeezed her pliant boob in time with her up and down motions on
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my cock, and she moaned in approval as I rolled her nipple between my fingers. It was with some disappointment that I felt her remove her hand, but when she reached behind her neck and untied the thin string that held her dress in place, my disappointment faded into pure arousal. With bated breath, I watched as the thin emerald material dropped, exposing her firm breasts to my view. "You really are a beautiful woman, Susan. ” "I'm glad you think so baby," she replied as she took my hand and returned it to the now bare skin of her breast. By then, I was dying to kiss and suck on her boobs. Their firm resistance to my hand, and the feeling of her pebble hard nipple on my palm felt amazing. I was strongly tempted to push her into the cushions of the couch, but soon she returned her hand to my cock and the innocent look of nervous passion on her face stilled my instinct to take control. It was as if she were studying every contour of my manhood. Her fingers danced here and there, rubbing the shining moisture of my precum into the spongy purple head. She trailed her fingertips up and down my shaft as she studied it. It was as if she were holding a cock for the first time in her life, or at least allowing herself to enjoy it in a way she never before had with me. The sensations she caused as she caressed me made me warm with desire. I watched intently, contented in allowing her to enjoy her newfound toy. I had no idea what prompted this change in her, but I wasn't about to do anything that might have frightened her out of the spell. We kissed like teenagers and fondled each other in an unhurried embrace that turned me on as much as the fevered sex I had earlier. This time though, the emotional depth that Susan stoked in me surpassed anything I'd felt before. We slowly undressed each other over the next fifteen or twenty minutes, my coat and shirt went first, followed soon after by her dress. Before long, my pants and shorts were laying in a crumpled mass on the floor with her panties laying on top of them in a tight little ball. Susan's eyes smoldered as she opened her trim thighs and guided my hand between her legs. We kissed again as my fingers slipped into her wetness and her hand found mine as I began stroking her clit. She was incredibly wet and my fingers slid easily into her heated passage. My eyes locked on hers as the wet sounds of my motions filled the room and I carefully followed the roll of her hips, trying to touch those spots she desired most. "Yes, right there baby," she said softly. "Your fingers feel so good in my pussy...umm that’s it. That feels soo good!" Her breath became deep as my fingers explored her wetness and I pumped two fingers deeply into her, like a small cock. Somewhere in the midst of this, she found my cock again and started squeezing it harder and harder as her excitement grew. I've always loved watching a woman come, and seeing Susan's arousal grow from my touch excited me as much as did her excited grip on my cock. She was leaning against my chest and her body felt warm against me. Her legs were parted erotically as she exposed herself to me and my off hand was strumming over her nipples and squeezing her breasts. Soon, she turned her head and we kissed hotly as her orgasm began to build. My hand moved up to caress her face and she sucked my fingers into her mouth in an act that I could only describe as wantonly erotic. Susan was completely immersed in her arousal and her body simply radiated its heat into mine. Moments later, a strangled scream arose from deep in her throat, and her body convulsed and stiffened as she began to reach her peak. The scream coalesced and changed until it became an intelligible, absolute declaration of the cresting orgasm that engulfed her. "Ooh myy God...I'm gonna cum! Oh fuck, I'm cumming...!" She quivered hard against me and her legs shook from the force of her release. Her orgasm gripped her in a way I'd never seen in her before and she just exploded in a rippling contraction that reduced her words to a long stream of gurgling moans. Perspiration suddenly glinted all over her skin, and the warmth of her body penetrated into me as she finally relaxed into my embrace. My fingers were wet with her juice and I was sorely tempted to lick it off, but it was an urge I resisted. Oral sex had never been a favorite of Susan's and I was afraid that such a lascivious act would shock her despite her obvious heightened state of arousal. "That was amazing Susan," I told her, deeply impressed by her willingness to let me please her. "That was fucking incredible baby. I love the way you touch me, you made me cum so hard." The sheer wonderment she exuded gave truth to her words, and like any man, I felt a wave of satisfied pride at being able to please her so. Susan was usually a very proper girl and I was as shocked to hear her use profanity as I had been at her sudden sexual aggressiveness. I kissed her again, just a soft peck, and she turned and straddled my hips with my cock protruding up from the smooth, shaven skin of her glistening pussy. She reached down and stroked me in a way that seemed as if she were masturbating a cock of her own. "So this is what it's like to have a dick. I can see why you guys like to play with it." Her hand masturbated me hard for several strokes as she played, obviously enjoying her joke. I was already fully aroused and her rapid strokes began to push me toward the edge. I grimaced from the intensity of it and put my hand on hers, slowing her motions. "Oh shit, Susan. You have to stop. If you keep that up I'm not going to be able to hold back." She grinned playfully and squeezed me hard in her hand. "Spoil sport. It isn't like you wouldn't be able to get it up again." "Yeah, well maybe so, but I can think of better places to come than in your hand." "Oh, I see. Well, how about this? ” Rising up, she turned to face me as she moved over my rampant erection, hovering less than an inch from my swollen head. "I'm so going to enjoy your cock," she said as she lowered herself onto me. She was wet and ready but still felt very tight as I slid into her. The moist grip of her slick tunnel conformed around my shaft, causing me to groan as she came down. She rose and descended on me slowly, coating my shaft in her juice until my cock was buried deeply inside her. When she finally settled down on my lap, she lay down over my chest, crushing her breast into me. "Mmm, I love how you feel inside me Ryan. Your cock makes me so wet." Susan's hands gripped my shoulders and she started grinding up and down, riding the whole length of my cock. My hands held her ass, guiding her movements as she found a rhythm that suited her. Her face was just inches from mine and moment by moment, the overwhelming intensity of our sex continued to build. "See baby? I'm fucking you now! I'm fucking you! Don't move, don't move at all! Let me do it to you this time!" "Ah fuck, Susan! ” I grunted, caught up completely in her excitement. “ I'm not gonna do anything. It's all you, baby. I'm all yours now. Fuck me as hard as you want!" I could see the tension in her face as she put her hand on my cheek. She was pulling up slowly and then driving back down hard, smothering my cock in the moist grip of her sex. I sat in lustful fascination as the muscles in her neck tensed each time she sank down, causing her head to tilt back slightly as I filled her. It was amazingly erotic to see, and I felt like my length reached all the way up through her body. It was a sight that stroked my ego as intensely as her pussy did my cock, and I began to tremble uncontrollably from the overwhelming affect it had on me. My muscles flexed and became taunt as she rode me. Susan had clearly entered a heightened state of arousal that must have been as powerful as anything I felt. My hands slid up her sides until I held her boobs, and then I pinched her nipples hard. "Oh fuck! Pinch me like that Ryan! Fuck yeah, make me wince baby. I wanna feel it all!" The couch creaked with her hard movements and the microfiber cloth felt like it was burning my back as she bounced on my shaft. She rode me high in the saddle, and the sight of my cock disappearing into the glistening lips of her pussy turned me on even more. Our hands locked together, letting her balance herself, and she flexed her hips in rapid motion, fucking me as fast and as hard as she could. Her red hair escaped it's finely controlled bonds, and it draped over her shoulders in a crimson tangle of silken strands that bounced erotically over her breasts. She was completely disheveled and passionately breathless. She was absolutely beautiful like that, and it was one of those cherished moments that will forever be burned into my memory. Maybe it was because I had come earlier, but my endurance seemed to be hitting new levels and Susan became more and more determined to make me come. She dug her nails into my chest and began slowing her movements, drawing her hips up in down in long, powerful strokes that rode every inch of my shaft. "Are you ready to come baby? I can feel how hard you are. Don't hold back. Let me have your cum. I want to feel it inside me." "I will soon Susan, but not yet." I growled. "I'm not ready to let this end yet. It feels to damn good to stop." "I know it does baby. I know it does," she replied between breaths. "But we have all night, and I want to feel you cum now." Then she got a deviously naughty look on her face and she settled down on my pelvis, grinding her pussy into me. Then she leaned over me, whispering, "If you cum soon baby, I'll suck you off later tonight. I'll let you squirt your come all over my face. I’ll lick it from your cock if you give it to me now." "Oh god, Susan, I'm going to hold you to that." "Well then, you better cum baby. That offer will expire soon." I wrapped my arms around her back and held her against me as I started to thrust hard. Her body shook powerfully each time my hips slapped against her ass, making her grunt each time I hit bottom. Susan's mouth hung over mine and our tongues clashed and flicked, sharing an open-mouthed kiss that drove me wild. My blood ran hot and carried that heat as it went rushing through me. Pressure built in my thighs and my pelvic muscles tensed. "Oh fuck, Susan, here I cum! Yes, I'm gonna cum." My cock felt like solid stone as I came. Susan pushed down hard, capturing my entire length as my seed flooded into her and the sticky warmth of my seed flooded around my shaft until it began leaking out. Susan stretched out over me as I softened inside her until my softening cock slipped out. I rolled on my side and she spooned in front of me, offering her body to my gentle caresses. I knew that the cool air of the evening would soon drive us off the couch and into bed, but I was in no hurry. The natural aromas of sex filled the air around me and the soft warmth of Susan's body was as close to nirvana as any man could hope to get. We cuddled and kissed, almost drifting off until the chill became too much. When we moved to the bed, the heat of our bodies quickly warmed the sheets and Susan drifted off for a time with her head on my chest. In the darkness, I wondered what had happened that had changed Susan so profoundly. Her normal, almost indifference to anything but vanilla, missionary sex had suddenly transformed into an adventurous and wild lust that confused me as much as it made me happy. The answer was right there in front of me, but I wasn't ready to see it yet. I was still blinded by thoughts of guilt and sexual excess with a women I didn't even know. It wasn't until I came to grips with her, that I would be capable of truly understanding the woman who had obviously decided to give herself so completely to me. Over the next few weeks, my relationship with Susan grew much stronger. Whatever inhibitions she once had seemed to vanish, and our sex life became as fulfilling as every other part of our relationship. I still had feelings of guilt for cheating on her, and I lived in almost constant fear that my stalker would reappear and destroy what was becoming the best relationship I'd ever had. Worse still, Susan and I had decided to move in together, and as my lease was longer, we decided to share my apartment rather than hers. While I was very happy to have Susan with me, I was equally terrified that my tattooed phantom would show up at my door. This woman, who had so carefully kept me from knowing, who she was, had managed to become both the center of my darkest fantasies and the bane of my existence. It would be easy to claim that I was over her, but having tasted the forbidden fruit, part of me actually desired to taste it again. By the time Susan was ready to move in, I still had not seen a sign of my stalker, and I began to think she'd set her sights on another man. It was a thought I embraced with relief. I secretly began to think I would be able to hold her memory as a private treat, one that I could put away and savor only when it was safe for me to enjoy. That hope came to a crashing end on a Friday afternoon. I was at work and just as my lunch hour approached, my office phone rang with a blocked phone number. As I field calls from clients every day, this didn't cause me any undue alarm until I heard the voice on the other end. "Hello Ryan, I do hope you're free for lunch." My heart froze as I heard the familiar, taunting voice, and my throat clenched tight at the thought of her calling me at work. I felt like a nightmare had reemerged, and I was helpless to do anything about it. I didn't respond immediately. Frozen in shock, I looked hurriedly through the glass wall of my office, hoping no one was about to come in. "Ryan, what's the matter? Aren't you happy to hear from me?" She actually laughed as she spoke, and I was sure she was enjoying my discomfort. "How did you get my number here? This is my job! I can't have you screwing around with me here!" Not for the first time, she succeeded in making me angry, and much like the last time, she was obviously to enjoying it. "Of course I can Ryan. We aren't finished with our little game yet. I'm parked next to you in the lot. Why don't you be a dear and come down and say hi." I pulled the phone away from my ear and closed my eyes, almost as if I was trying to wish her away. I was considering hanging up on her when her voice rose loud enough for me to hear even with the phone several inches from my ear. "Ryan! Don't you ignore me now! You've gone too far just to pretend nothing ever happened! If you don't answer me, I swear I'm coming up!" Oh fuck, I thought. Considering everything else she'd done, I had no doubt that she would. I brought the phone back up and tried to calm her down. "No, don't do that. I'll be right down. We need to talk about this anyway." "Thanks sweetie" she said with a kindness that verged on sarcasm. "Don't make me wait, okay? You've only got an hour for lunch you know." I heard the line go dead and sat there, paralyzed in disbelief. Damn, damn, damn! I silently screamed! How the hell did she find out where I worked! This whole thing started out as an innocent game, but now it was feeling more like a fatal attraction! I knew if I didn't find a way to put an end to this, she would eventually ruin my life. The problem was how could I? If she truly was as crazy as she seemed, I was screwed. My head was dizzy with confusion and fear as I quickly headed down to the parking garage. I wanted her out of there before anyone took notice, and that wasn't going to happen unless I acted fast. Once the elevator doors parted, I walked out in to the dimly lit garage and saw a black Lincoln Navigator parked next to my car. The windows were all tinted dark, but I could just make out the silhouette of her sitting behind the wheel. When I approached, her window rolled down and she welcomed me with a friendly smile that would have made a crocodile proud. "Hi sweetie!" she said with a bubbly happiness. "I'm sorry for being away so long, but it's terribly hard for me to have any alone time these days." I came up to the window and as before, I was immediately drawn to her exotic looks. Her dark hair was drawn back into a pony tail that kept her hair off of her delicate neck, and her line of tattoos were clearly visible as they traveled seductively beneath her flowered summer dress. The dress itself buttoned down the front and several of the top buttons were open, clearly showing a substantial amount of her cleavage. Even though she was not wearing a bra, her boobs seemed as firm as I remembered them, and I almost had to shake my head to clear the thoughts that were already streaming into my brain. With an effort, I composed myself and crossed my arms in way that I hoped would show her that I was less affected by her sultry looks than I actually felt. "Look, this has to end" I told her. "I have a life and a job and I can't have you showing up out of the blue whenever you want. You've got to go, right now." I expected her to be angry with my decision. That's how crazy stalkers react at rejection, right? Maybe in the movies, but she just smiled as if I hadn't meant it at all. "Don't be silly Ryan. You act like I want to hurt you. I assure that isn't the case. Why don't you get in and we can discuss this somewhere more private?" "Oh no, no way. I'm going back to my office and you're going to leave. Whatever game you're playing, it ends today, you get me?" My anger rose and I meant what I said, but she just laughed me off. "Oh I do love it when you get forceful with me Ryan, but we're wasting valuable time and you must know I'm not going to just leave. I'd hate for this to get out of hand right here at your office building, so I think you better get in before someone sees us. We can go someplace quiet, and then if you want to tell me what a bad girl I am, well that could be fun too." I was about to tell her off in stronger terms, but I could see she wasn't listening anyway. Worse still, more and more of my co-workers were starting their lunch breaks as well, and I knew it was only a matter of time before someone took an interest in our conversation. She had me again, and I knew it would only get worse if I didn't do what she said. I heard the auto door lock click as I came around the passenger side, and less than a minute later, we were headed out of the garage and off to what I feared might mean the end of a relationship that had come to mean everything to me. Moments later, she pulled into another of the covered garages that were all over this part of downtown, but this one was almost empty. "Okay, here we are Ryan. Now, rather than waste time on more useless conversation, why don't you stop pretending that you don't want me." I folded my arms again and refused to look at her, partially fearing that I would become lost in those dark eyes again if I dared meet her gaze. "I'm not pretending," I said firmly. "If you aren't even willing to tell me your name, then we have nothing between us!" "Is that why your acting like this? Because I haven't told you my name? I swear, Ryan, sometimes you are positively prudish. So, if I tell you, will you at least look at me?" She still had that bemused tone in her voice, but that last part sounded like she was actually feeling hurt by my rejection. That was the first time I felt like she doubted her control over me, and I decided to press the advantage. "That would be a good first step. At least then we can talk." She gave me a look that was almost condescending, as if she felt disappointed in me for insisting, but then she sighed and shrugged. "I suppose you need to call me something. How about Erin? It isn't really my name, but I like it, and it'll do for now."

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